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Long Live Logos say’s the best band in San Diego is Transfer, Transfer and Transfer.

Do you have any advice about being in a band?
Don’t do too many drugs the first night of tour.

Do you have any success stories?
Purchasing baby wipes… works!

Favorite SD Band?
Hyena (a sex band), Boyscout (also a sex band), Kemistry

Favorite “Sex Band” in SF?
Sugar and Gold, Music for Animals

Favorite SF Band?
Butterfly Bones, Downer Party, Mr. Loveless, Metalica, The Morning Benders

What is the best way to book a show out of town?
Hook up with a local band. (ie. Music For Animals)

What is the best Venue in SD?

What is the best Venue in SF?
Great American Music Hall



Genre: Rock/Pop/Indie
Shaun Cornell, Andy Ridley, Jason Cardenas and Matthew Molarius
Transfer is a muumuu of music draped over the grandma of their genre.
Hometown: San Diego
Management: Jeremy Bates: jeremy [at]

Stefan Aronsen

Stefan Aronsen

Band Aid, Art Director & CEO at SF INTERCOM see his design portfolio at Stefan Aronsen
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Stefan Aronsen
Stefan Aronsen
  • Rico Ellis

    Hi guys,
    This is Rico Ellis & Cable Car Blues Band.
    I am writing to want to know what Friday in November are you open to, and I want you
    Guys to do a show with my band on Nov 29.
    Please reply to me phone 6507710974.
    My email
    Rico Ellis

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