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Battlehooch is larger than life, they pack more punch than Mike Tyson and are better for you than Tyson Chicken. SO CHECK THEM OUT!

Grant, What survival advice would you give bands just starting?
1. You have to take all the advice…………………… (battery died)

Tombo, What survival advice would you give bands just starting?
1. Do lots of things pretty well.
2. Talk to everybody
3. Come up with a name game, so you’ll remember people’s names.
4. Practice… run your scales every day!

What local bands are you following?
Tempo No Tempo, Sleepy Sun, Pope of Yes!, Squeeky Rice

Best advice for buskers?
1. Know your rights.
2. Be really nice to the police officers when they shut you down, because they usually won’t give you a ticket.



Genre: Slatherous
Members: AJ McKinley: Guitar, Ben Juodvalkis: Synth, Grant Goodrich: Bass, Pat Smith: Voice, Ryan Huber: Drums, Tom Hurlbut: Winds
First manifested in San Francisco in January 2007, the 6 individuals that comprise the band were initially drawn together by a desire to construct the world’s largest waterslide. When funding for the project fell through in the early stages, a new plan was concocted for the formation of a Shape Shifting Orchestral Rock Band.
The fellowship was soon formalized with their adopting of the collective moniker of BATTLEHOOCH and the unleashing of their musical manifesto, the OOF OWF EP, in October 2007. The OOF OWF EP took San Francisco by storm, and practically over night Battlehooch was the hottest new band in the city.
Since then, the band has toured the west coast a number of times and released a full length LP in June of 2009 to even more acclaim!
As far as I can tell, there is no stopping them…
-Rhinegold (BATTLEHOOCH’s Manager)
Hometown: San Francsico
Booking: BATTLEHOOCH [at]
AJ McKinley:
Grant Goodrich:
Ryan Huber:
Patrick Dale Smith:


Stefan Aronsen

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Stefan Aronsen
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