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There are some people you just don’t run into enough. Lindsay from Or, The Whale is one of them.

What are 5 survival tips you’d give a new band?
1. Don’t sweat the small stuff, especially when it comes to publishing.
2. Enjoy the ride, because you never know how long it’s going to last!

What local bands are you following?
John Vanderslice, Birds and Batteries, Tartufi, Low Red Land, Silian Rail, From Monument to Masses, Stone Foxes, Blue Rabbit, Steve Tailor, Agent Ribbons

Best Advice you can give to women on tour?
1. If you’re traveling with guys, be prepared for grossness.
2. If you’re getting ready at the venue call ahead to see what amenities they have.
3. Bring a sleeping pad, you could be sleeping on a wooden floor.



Genre: The Golden Age of Rock
Members: Alex Robins, Lindsay Garfield, Jesse Hunt, Tim Marcus, Lia Rose, Sean Barnett
Alumni: Matt Sartain, Julie Thomasson, Justin Fantl
Like any good San Francisco alternative country / indie rock band, Or, the Whale partially owes its inception to the online bulletin board service Craigslist; at one point, Robins and Matt Sartain (guitar and vocals) posted an ad titled “Wanna Form a Sweet Country Rock Band?” and recruited fellow vocalist Lindsay Garfield from a listing she had written looking for a guitar player. From there, the three set about enlisting bandmates Julie Ann Thomasson on keyboards and vocals, Justin Fantl on bass, Jesse Hunt on drums, and later Tim Marcus on pedal steel guitar.
Hometown: San Francsico
Record Label: Seany Records
Management: Alex Steininger: In Music We Trust – alex [at] inmusicwetrust.com
Booking: Brian Jonas: Blackbird Artists Agency – brian [at] blackbirdartistsagency.com

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