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The 5 P’s of survival are Plan, Personify, Promote, Plug-in and Play. I gave you the first two survival tips of Personify. Today I give you #3 and #4

3 _ BUY YOUR DOMAIN NAME: You aren’t truly you until you own your name. As soon as somebody buys your domain name … they are more you than you. Even if you don’t know how to design a web site you need to own your domain name.

4 _ CREATE A SOLID WEB PRESENCE: This has multiple meanings. First, be searchable on the web, people need to be able to find you. Second, tie all of your web concepts together visually. This will let people recognize you without seeing your name.

Stefan Aronsen

Stefan Aronsen

Band Aid, Art Director & CEO at SF INTERCOM see his design portfolio at Stefan Aronsen
Stefan Aronsen is a graphic designer that specializes in helping bands & brands become more viable utilizing his 5 P's - Plan, Personify, Promote, Plug-in, Play.
Stefan Aronsen
Stefan Aronsen
Opened loads of new CD's played tons of indie bands from the bay and far away.


Notice all the plastic? I was hella breaking out CD's and playing new tracks. In the last month I have received a lot of new music. Some of the CD's were dropped off at the station, others were acquired while at SxSW, and a coup via my PO Box. It was a show of discovery for me and hopefully you.
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