SF MusicTech 16

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Billed as the last SF MusicTech in San Francisco … I’m praying this is just a marketing ploy to get a reaction from us!

I’m truly not ready for this to be the last one. When I started going to SF MusicTech in 2009, my first ticket was bought as a student. I knew no one in the industry and had no connections. If that weren’t enough … I had no idea where I was going.

SF MusicTech 15


I ♥ SF MusicTech

It is without a doubt my favorite place to see friends and meet music industry professionals from around the world. If that wasn’t enough … they also host informative panels with people I actually want to hear talk about their work.

Touring Tiny Telephone Studios


Today after breakfast John Vanderslice invited the breakfast crew to tour his studio. This was not an opportunity I could turn down.

Located off of Potrero, behind the skate park, Tiny Telephone is located in an area where people were getting shot by the San Bruno St. Gang 18 years ago. When they moved in the neighborhood was not safe, you didn’t walk through the park, not even during the day. Today the feel is much different, you can feel the culture of old, but it looks much safer.

From the second you enter Studio A of Tiny Telephone you notice the very eclectic collection of stuff. John explains, this didn’t just happen, it took a long to to collect … and everything is useful in one way or another. Plus the sound in this front room is amazing. (Partly due to the reclaimed wood boards on the wall.) When you continue deeper into the studio, it’s clear their set up is mostly analog (with some support from digital). The really hard work is done by hand and on equipment from the 70’s. (Or older!)

MY RANT TO: SF Weekly & The Bay

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There were tons of people in attendance at The Chapel. I saw fans, bloggers, techies, industry folk and musicians. There were more people in attendance than could fit in the chairs they set up.

Ian S. Port opened the conversation with, So, I talked to 24 people about why the SF Music scene is dying. Instantly I felt my skin cringe! Suddenly 24 peoples opinions have deemed the scene dying. I looked around at the 200+ people in attendance and thought, “dying … really?!”

TOP 5 SxSW Bands (not from SF)

Girl Talk

I spent a week in Austin for SxSW and all I got for you were more band recommendations.

I attended SxSW this year with my co-workers Sara, Smitty and Mike from DeliRadio. In addition to making great connections with tech companies such as Pandora, Spotify, GoPro and Applauze, I also saw tons of amazing bands. I thought it only fair that I return to San Francisco and share some of my discoveries with you. There were tons of SF bands at SxSW and I saw a lot of them. (i.e. The Family Crest, The Soft White Sixties, Before The Brave, Travis Hayes, Owl Paws, 8th-grader & Cocktails) But you already know I love them … so I wanted to share other discoveries I made of bands that aren’t from around here.

My 2014 SxSW Recap


SxSw is over and I’m still tired!!!

This month, DeliRadio sent four of its employees to SXSW. Our goal was to meet as many fans, bands, and industry professionals as possible, and spread the good news of DeliRadio. While many question whether or not it’s better to attend SXSW officially (with a pricey badge), or unofficially (without said badge), it’s my opinion that it’s best to just attend, period.

Noise Pop 2014 Schedule


Noise Pop Festival is by far my favorite week of music.

Below you will find my game plan for the week. I’m going to keep my advice simple:
1. Go to all the happy hours at Benders, they’re free … and I’ve discovered amazing bands in years past.
2. Don’t miss Nova Albion on Thursday at DNA.
3. Happy Fangs on Friday will be crazy fun!

Listen to the Noise Pop line up on DeliRadio –

Music Industry Breakfast 1/23

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Mastering, Blogs & Community

Who was there: (15 Industry people)
Stefan Aronsen – Art Director – SF Intercom
Duygu Gün – Music Marketing
Tobias Grunick – BAND: Grow and Twine
Duncan Nielsen – BAND: DonCat
Jason Perry Stevens – BAND: Before The Brave
C.J. Bergmen – BAND: Before The Brave
John Haesemeyer – Performing Artist – Pop Folk
Cade Drummer – BAND: Friends Without Benefits
Nigel Brown – Freelance Audio Engineer
Jared Swanson – Band: Abbot Kinney
Brian Bergeron – BAND: Meet Mr. Kind
Kendra McKinley – Musician/Composer
Jasmine Johnson – Writer – The Owl Mag
Devin Nelson – BAND: The Y Axes
Ted Maider – BAND: Friends Without Benefits



Who was there: (9 Industry people)
Stefan Aronsen – Art Director – DeliRadio – SF Intercom
Andy Freeman – Recordist/Mixer/Produce
Nahuel Bronzini – Music Producer
Jason Perry Stevens – BAND: Before The Brave
Devin Nelson – BAND: The Y Axes
Ted Maider – Photographer
John Haesemeyer – Performing Artist – Pop Folk
Kendra McKinley – Musician/Composer
Cade Drummer – BAND: Friends Without Benefits

Music Industry Breakfast 12/19

Breakfast Notes 12/19

We meet every Thursday morning for breakfast and to talk about what is happening in the Bay Area music scene. In my opinion today’s words of wisdom came when Martin Luther McCoy when he expressed his relief to discover that he was not alone in his struggle to reach new fans and engage his existing fans.

Who was there: (7 Industry people)
Stefan Aronsen – SF Intercom
Devin Nelson – BAND: The Y Axes
Adam Lampert – BAND: Low Country Kingdom
Jason Perry Stevens – BAND: Before The Brave
Nigel Brown – Audio Engineer
Martin Luther McCoy – Rebel Soul Music



Notes from Center for New Music:

KEY: After talking for 2 hours I deduced, “there is not one right answer, know what is right for your audience.”

DISCUSSION: (A lot of questions were tabled, but few were answered … I’ll answer the ones I can.)

Music Industry Breakfast 12/12


We meet every Thursday morning for breakfast and talk about what is happening in the Bay Area music scene. We focus on the actions we can take to help the Bay become a place where musicians & industry professionals can make money doing what they love. (Music)

Who was there: (7 Industry people)
Stefan Aronsen – Art Director – DeliRadio
Andy Freeman – Recordist/Mixer/Producer
Jared Swanson – Band: Abbot Kinney
Adam Lampert – BAND: Low Country Kingdom
Devin Nelson – BAND: The Y Axes
Nigel Brown – Audio Engineer – Coast Recorders
+ 1 music fans


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We had new people and some repeat offenders.

Who was there today: (7 Industry people)
Stefan Aronsen – Art Director – DeliRadio
Andy Freeman – Recordist/Mixer/Producer
Spencer Roberts – Sound Engineer
Piper Payne – Mastering Engineer
Marshal Fassino – BAND: Jet Trash
Jared Swanson – Band: Abbot Kinney
Devin Nelson – BAND: The Y Axes



Another Successful Breakfast

Who was there today: (8 Industry people)
Stefan Aronsen – Art Director – DeliRadio – SF Intercom
Andy Freeman – Recordist/Producer – Coast Recorders
Adam Lampert – BAND: Low Country Kingdom
Scott Ricketts – BAND: Low Country Kingdom
Martina Hallberg – Swedish BAND: Fall of Adam
Marshall Fassino – Sound Engineer
Spencer Roberts – Sound Engineer
+ 1 music fans

What we established:

We will continue to meet every week.
• Hopefully we get too big for Jim’s Restaurant
We want to make SF a music industry hub?
Even if we don’t like EDM we need to learn from their ability to captivate fans.
• EDM is great at drawing large numbers of fans, marketing, promoting, & making money
Our goal is to know the best industry people in SF and recommend them regularly.
• Is there an app for this? Should there be?
Discover the best way to leverage technology for CD releases.
• How can you leverage social media to give it away for free?
• Does this technology already exist?
• What would make a bands CD release interesting enough for a technology blog?
Is there a need in SF for tastemakers? Could we be those tastemakers?
• Do we want to break a band? Do we want to host shows?
I have 3 music sites. Perhaps we can all start our taste-making from the third:
• – (let me know if you want to be a blogger, I’ll make it so!!!)
And MORE!!!



The goal is to meet every Thursday morning for breakfast and talk about actions that will help the bay area scene become a place where musicians & industry professionals can make money doing what they love. (Music)

Who was there: (9 Industry people)
Stefan Aronsen – Art Director – DeliRadio – SF Intercom
Andy Freeman – Recordist/Mixer/Producer
Adam Lampert – BAND: Low Country Kingdom
Martina Hallberg – BAND: Fall of Adam
Piper Payne – Michael Romanowski Mastering
Devin Nelson – BAND: The Y Axes
Helene Goupil – Videographer – Mission Local
+ 2 music fans



Drawing people at conferences is so much fun … but so frick’n hard! I’m always scared they’ll hate their drawing.

I was thinking about this today …. I’ve been drawing people since I was a little kid. While growing up my dad worked for American Airlines. Which means as a family we got to go on a lot of trips on plans. Best part, seeing new cities, worst part, flying standbye (D1,D2, D3) and sleeping in airports! Chicago (ORD) is the WORST, with it’s numerous terminals, bustling travelers and uber uncomfortable seats, JFK comes in a close 2nd. (But they both suck to sleep over night in!)



I have become quite a fan of Brian Zisk’s SF MusicTech Summit. I truly enjoy meeting all the visionaries of the evolving music / business / technology ecosystem.

I hope to meet you there; perhaps we can do business or simply discuss the future of the music industry in a proactive, conducive to deal making environment. Until then, I have gathered together my notes from the last one. My hope is that it benefits those that could not make it, and expands the experience and the memory of those fortunate enough to attend.

SF MUSICTECH XIII: Graphic Recordings


Brian Zisk’s SF MusicTech Summit now happens multiple times a year. I think this is great, because music visionaries need to be brought together more often. The music/business/technology ecosystem is changing so often, the only way to stay ahead of it is to gather and share knowledge. I am always excited to see the new developers, entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, journalists, musicians, and organizations in the scene. However, more than that … I love running in to friends I’ve made at past events. People leverage SF MusicTech for a variety of different goals. Some come to do business while others come to meet new people and discuss the future of the music industry in a proactive, conducive to deal making environment.



I recently attended Music Biz 2013. Four days of back-to-back-to-back panels. Thus when one is ending … another one is starting. This is both awesome and horrible.

Ok … in truth, I suspect it really only sucks for people like me, who want to stay late and talk to each of the panelist. It generally means that when I leave each panel, I’m going to be late for the next. At conferences like this, I usually try to slip in to the back of the room; generally there are a lot of people standing and very few seats. However, I can always spot the super awkward seats nobody is brave enough to sit in. Often times they are located in front of the room … and on the other side of a a lot of people. Although an awkward situation, based on not being unable to stand and draw … I generally go boldly to the open seat. I sit quickly and start drawing.



This last week NARM collected together the top representatives of the retail music industry to participate in a 4-day conference about the current state of the music industry and where it’s going.

In my opinion a lot of valuable information was shared at this NARM conference. However … I am also aware that a lot of you were unable to attend. Thus I have collected together a list of the music industry influencers who had panels that I was able to attend. After reading this blog post, I highly recommend you research each presenter and their company. I suspect you’ll find an app, site or project that you are passionate about as well.

BANDPAGE: Your central profile online


BandPage is the central profile over 500,000 musicians use to show who they are, how they sound, and how fans can connect directly with them.

BandPage recently launched Experiences, a new platform for you to engage directly with your fan base. It is billed as a unique way to sell memorable experiences. Musicians including Jack Conte, Nataly Dawn, Branches and more are already successfully using BandPage Experiences to engage their fans and make money…

SF MusicTech Summit XII


Some of my favorite networking experiences, stories and industry friends have come from the times I’ve spent hanging out at Brian Zisk’s SF MusicTech.

Known for bringing together the best, the brightest and the most impressive people from the music industry for one day, YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS EVENT! If you can make it before 9 AM you’re pleasantly greeted with a spread of brain food designed to prep your noggin for education.

iNDIE iNNOVATION: Mister Loveless


Mister Loveless is one of the nation’s hottest up & coming indie bands. In addition, they were recently selected by fans to show off how they use Apple technology in their music. They will square-off with Exist Elsewhere during the Macworld’s iNDIE iNNOVATION Championship.

YUP! We have once again entered the time of year when Macworld announces Apple’s new hardware and software. Thousands upon thousands will gather at the Moscone Center to hear brands pitch their newest products. However, while apple brands are focusing on their sales pitches … I’m super excited about two bands that got their pitch covered now they’re here to rock!

iNDIE iNNOVATION: Exist Elsewhere


My friend Lauren Busley from Schwartz MSL in San Francisco contacted me a couple days ago about interviewing a couple bands for Macworld’s iNDIE iNNOVATION. To which I casually responded, “HELL YEAH!!!”
She gave me the contact info to the first band, Exist Elsewhere from LA. A few days later we skyped and had a great time … however amidst our interview I discovered they were competing against our local love Mister Loveless. It was then I realized we had an amazing battle on our hands. It might be all love in the indie music scene … but I think you and I both know how much SF and LA love competing in everything. However in this interview I’m going to be neutral and admit I’m excited for both bands!