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article by: Stefan Aronsen

No more waiting… you can now download all 5 of my Survival eBooks for free… ENJOY!!!

I started writing SF Intercom 3 years ago for two reasons. One, to help musicians survive, and two, as a way to get involved in the indie scene I so dearly loved. SF Intercom started as a design thesis aimed at getting musicians more access to design/marketing/promoting advice. Such advice can be extremely expensive. My goal was to leverage existing advice from other successful bands. I assumed if bands taught other bands/fans and industry professionals shared advice… the indie scene would thrive. I’ve always wanted to be in a band myself… but with many failed attempts at learning instruments I finally realized my calling as a “Groupie with a Purpose.”

BUZZ: PERSONIFY – a survival guide for bands


Buzz helps the community flourish by actively curating a collection of advice from existing bands, spotlighting venues that cater to indie music, and building a network of resources designed with the indie musician in mind.

Hopefully you’ve read BUZZ: PLAN a survival guide designed to help bands get started. Today, I am releasing the second book in my survival guide series, BUZZ: PERSONIFY, which is available for perusing or download. This book covers all the info a band needs to create their brand and should be implemented as soon as your band sounds good. I believe having a solid brand is almost as important as an epic sound. However, bands are afraid of the word brand … So with that in mind I say “You don’t need to brand yourself as long as your create a strong persona.”

Please browse the pages of BUZZ: PERSONIFY above or download your copy below.
BUZZ: PERSONIFY is only available for a limited time.


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article by: Stefan Aronsen I have been working on BUZZ for approx 1 year. You have your Songs, Music and CD. I have my Ideas, Survival Tips, and Survival Guide. I am practicing the the 5 P’s of survival so I know they work. So when I tell you to Plan, Personify, Promote, Plug-in and […]


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article by: Stefan Aronsen The 5 P’s of survival are Plan, Personify, Promote, Plug-in and Play. In January I gave you the first two survival tips of Plan. Today I give you #3 and #4. 3. KNOW WHO YOU ARE BEFORE YOU TELL OTHERS WHO THEY ARE: Does it annoy you when others tell you […]


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SF Intercom is a survival guide for bands!!! The advice on SF Intercom comes from people who know. If you’re a fan, band or Industry professional we want you involved! If you have experience being in a band, being an uber fan or are or have been a professional industry person, we’d love to hear […]


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article by: Stefan Aronsen The title “Buzz” has been chosen for its numerous layers of connotation.  First: the slang meaning of buzz is an excited interest or attention surrounding a socially popular topic. This book will promote the Bay Area music scene, delivering what is socially popular directly to those most interested in it.  Second: […]