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MUTINY RADIO: The Damn Fanatics & Whalesoundz


Radio show host: Stefan Aronsen You are in for a treat, The Damn Fanatics and Whalesoundz. Balanced Breakfast friends of mine that I am excited to present to you on Mutiny Radio. Lucky me … I get to hang out with them every Thursday at Breakfast!!!  :) Here are some deets on The Damn Fanatics & […]

MUTINY RADIO: Katie Garibaldi


Mac Walker my friend and the promoter/buyer at Milk Bar came to the studio to test his radio voice. As if that weren’t enough the show featured a live performance from Katie Garibaldi.

A fun show … and I got to meet Katie’s parents!!! :)

MUTINY RADIO: Jenna Lavoie


I didn’t plan for a live artist … but I stole Jenna’s iPhone charger the day before. I told her if she ever wanted to see it again she had to come on my show.

I am not above stealing your stuff to get you on the show!!! :)



Sometimes it’s nice to chill in the studio with no live music and no special guest … this is one of those shows.

It was really nice to just chill in the studio by myself!!! :)

MUTINY RADIO: Growwler w/ Davis


Davis and I started as Instagram friends before we ever became real friends. It’s funny how social media can work that way.

It was great to have Davis & Robert on the show for 2 hours!!! :)

MUTINY RADIO: Travis Hayes & Alex Rasmussen


Radio show host: Stefan Aronsen Being a radio host for a show that features live performances is SUPER spoiling. It’s like a front row seat to your favorite bands. This show with my friends Travis Hayes and Alex Rasmussen was really good!!!  :) Here are links to the artists pages: Travis Hayes – Facebook Singer, songwriter […]

MUTINY RADIO: Coachella 2014


I didn’t get to go to Coachella … but my friends did. Thus I decided the next best thing to being there was to create my own playlist of artist to listen to while sitting inside at Mutiny Radio.

Don’t question my methods!!! :)

MY RANT TO: SF Weekly & The Bay

Photo Apr 02, 11 20 53 AM

There were tons of people in attendance at The Chapel. I saw fans, bloggers, techies, industry folk and musicians. There were more people in attendance than could fit in the chairs they set up.

Ian S. Port opened the conversation with, So, I talked to 24 people about why the SF Music scene is dying. Instantly I felt my skin cringe! Suddenly 24 peoples opinions have deemed the scene dying. I looked around at the 200+ people in attendance and thought, “dying … really?!”

Music Industry Breakfast 12/19

Breakfast Notes 12/19

We meet every Thursday morning for breakfast and to talk about what is happening in the Bay Area music scene. In my opinion today’s words of wisdom came when Martin Luther McCoy when he expressed his relief to discover that he was not alone in his struggle to reach new fans and engage his existing fans.

Who was there: (7 Industry people)
Stefan Aronsen – SF Intercom
Devin Nelson – BAND: The Y Axes
Adam Lampert – BAND: Low Country Kingdom
Jason Perry Stevens – BAND: Before The Brave
Nigel Brown – Audio Engineer
Martin Luther McCoy – Rebel Soul Music

Music Industry Breakfast 12/12


We meet every Thursday morning for breakfast and talk about what is happening in the Bay Area music scene. We focus on the actions we can take to help the Bay become a place where musicians & industry professionals can make money doing what they love. (Music)

Who was there: (7 Industry people)
Stefan Aronsen – Art Director – DeliRadio
Andy Freeman – Recordist/Mixer/Producer
Jared Swanson – Band: Abbot Kinney
Adam Lampert – BAND: Low Country Kingdom
Devin Nelson – BAND: The Y Axes
Nigel Brown – Audio Engineer – Coast Recorders
+ 1 music fans



Brian B. (Mr. Kind) & Mad Noise

What a great show … or should I say “What an amazing set of shows.” Late Night with Bubbles didn’t show up … again … which meant that instead of running my show for 2 hours …. I had 4 hours at my disposal. Thus when my show would have ended … I gave Mad Noise the opportunity to keep playing. To which they responded, “Give us 10 minutes to go buy beer … and we’ll play for another 2 hours!!!”


Photo Dec 05, 11 20 58 AM

We had new people and some repeat offenders.

Who was there today: (7 Industry people)
Stefan Aronsen – Art Director – DeliRadio
Andy Freeman – Recordist/Mixer/Producer
Spencer Roberts – Sound Engineer
Piper Payne – Mastering Engineer
Marshal Fassino – BAND: Jet Trash
Jared Swanson – Band: Abbot Kinney
Devin Nelson – BAND: The Y Axes



Another Successful Breakfast

Who was there today: (8 Industry people)
Stefan Aronsen – Art Director – DeliRadio – SF Intercom
Andy Freeman – Recordist/Producer – Coast Recorders
Adam Lampert – BAND: Low Country Kingdom
Scott Ricketts – BAND: Low Country Kingdom
Martina Hallberg – Swedish BAND: Fall of Adam
Marshall Fassino – Sound Engineer
Spencer Roberts – Sound Engineer
+ 1 music fans

What we established:

We will continue to meet every week.
• Hopefully we get too big for Jim’s Restaurant
We want to make SF a music industry hub?
Even if we don’t like EDM we need to learn from their ability to captivate fans.
• EDM is great at drawing large numbers of fans, marketing, promoting, & making money
Our goal is to know the best industry people in SF and recommend them regularly.
• Is there an app for this? Should there be?
Discover the best way to leverage technology for CD releases.
• How can you leverage social media to give it away for free?
• Does this technology already exist?
• What would make a bands CD release interesting enough for a technology blog?
Is there a need in SF for tastemakers? Could we be those tastemakers?
• Do we want to break a band? Do we want to host shows?
I have 3 music sites. Perhaps we can all start our taste-making from the third:
• – (let me know if you want to be a blogger, I’ll make it so!!!)
And MORE!!!



The goal is to meet every Thursday morning for breakfast and talk about actions that will help the bay area scene become a place where musicians & industry professionals can make money doing what they love. (Music)

Who was there: (9 Industry people)
Stefan Aronsen – Art Director – DeliRadio – SF Intercom
Andy Freeman – Recordist/Mixer/Producer
Adam Lampert – BAND: Low Country Kingdom
Martina Hallberg – BAND: Fall of Adam
Piper Payne – Michael Romanowski Mastering
Devin Nelson – BAND: The Y Axes
Helene Goupil – Videographer – Mission Local
+ 2 music fans



Grand Lake Islands & Travis Hayes

Generally speaking SF Intercom radio is all local all the time. However … when a great band (Grand Lake Islands) from a beautiful city (Portland, Or.) reaches out to me because they’re playing a show in our amazing city (San Francisco) … I GOTTA PUT THEM ON THE AIR!!!

It was an amazing show that opened with Grand Lake Islands and closed with Travis Hayes Busse. If you listen to the entire podcast … you’ll hear a great improve song in the middle by Bob. I put him on the spot to rage on the drums … he did (twice) … and thus created a masterpiece he titled “Diapers for Grandpa.”

The fun continued with Travis Hayes Busse, normally backed by a full band, however … more recently Travis has been playing a lot of shows by himself. His voice, passion and soul are so amazing and full he can fill the entire station with his energy alone! Listen to the show, I think you’re going to love what we created.



Kiwi Time & Sweetwater Black

Some of of my shows are as simple as me and my playlist and some shows require a lot of set-up. This one ran the full spectrum. it featured me on my iPad, Kiwi Time on the 4 studio mics and Sweetwater Black with a major set-up in the lobby! Their elaborate set-up helped me realize I have no idea how to mic a full band. Luckily, Michael Scanland from Sweetwater Black knows his wires … and he mic’d his entire band utilizing a few amps, minimal wires and worked magic with the studios 4 microphone jacks.


Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 1.42.08 PM

One day at Treasure Island definitely wasn’t enough … so on Sunday when I should have been playing local bay area music I decided to play one more day of electronic music. Attached is the playlist of bands and EDM DJs that were at Treasure Island Music Festival.


Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 11.32.11 PM

I will never be a lead singer in a rock band … but sometimes hosting the SF Intercom show on Mutiny Radio feels pretty rock star. It’s hard to explain how much fun it is to sit in the studio while musicians blast me out of my chair with their amazing skills. This Sunday the show was blessed to have Electric Strawberry then Frankie Boots And The County Line live in the studio.



Liz and I went to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass on Sunday before my show. The problem is … we were having so much fun that I didn’t leave early enough to get to my show on time. THUS … please skip the first hour of this show and only listen to the last hour.



My friend Liz and I started an epic set list designed to rock your pants off. She helped set the foundation for crazy … but had to leave due to having tons of homework due the next day. This was unfortunate … but the good news was that my friend David Colón showed up and helped me keep the intensity of the show from dying. We rocked for 2 hours …



This Sunday there were no live bands … just a night filled with good music. When I say filled … I mean it was jam-packed with great songs from amazing SF bands. I started with Blood and Sunshine (look up his new project James the Giant) and ended with some rap/hip-hop music that DeliRadio recommended based on having upcoming shows. I hope you enjoy these local treats I dug up for you.

SF MUSICTECH XIII: Graphic Recordings


Brian Zisk’s SF MusicTech Summit now happens multiple times a year. I think this is great, because music visionaries need to be brought together more often. The music/business/technology ecosystem is changing so often, the only way to stay ahead of it is to gather and share knowledge. I am always excited to see the new developers, entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, journalists, musicians, and organizations in the scene. However, more than that … I love running in to friends I’ve made at past events. People leverage SF MusicTech for a variety of different goals. Some come to do business while others come to meet new people and discuss the future of the music industry in a proactive, conducive to deal making environment.



I recently attended Music Biz 2013. Four days of back-to-back-to-back panels. Thus when one is ending … another one is starting. This is both awesome and horrible.

Ok … in truth, I suspect it really only sucks for people like me, who want to stay late and talk to each of the panelist. It generally means that when I leave each panel, I’m going to be late for the next. At conferences like this, I usually try to slip in to the back of the room; generally there are a lot of people standing and very few seats. However, I can always spot the super awkward seats nobody is brave enough to sit in. Often times they are located in front of the room … and on the other side of a a lot of people. Although an awkward situation, based on not being unable to stand and draw … I generally go boldly to the open seat. I sit quickly and start drawing.



Last week a friend asked me to be an inspirational speaker for a junior high school in San Francisco. I was so down, but wasn’t sure if I’d be here or in Austin for SxSW.

SxSW came and I wasn’t there. I feel like attending things like SxSW needs to happen organically … and that wasn’t the case for me this year. However … I wasn’t super disappointed, based on having this epic opportunity to speak about design to a bunch of crazy kids.