Who was there: (9 Industry people)
Stefan Aronsen – Art Director – DeliRadio – SF Intercom
Andy Freeman – Recordist/Mixer/Produce
Nahuel Bronzini – Music Producer
Jason Perry Stevens – BAND: Before The Brave
Devin Nelson – BAND: The Y Axes
Ted Maider – Photographer
John Haesemeyer – Performing Artist – Pop Folk
Kendra McKinley – Musician/Composer
Cade Drummer – BAND: Friends Without Benefits

Photo Dec 05, 11 20 58 AM


We had new people and some repeat offenders.

Who was there today: (7 Industry people)
Stefan Aronsen – Art Director – DeliRadio
Andy Freeman – Recordist/Mixer/Producer
Spencer Roberts – Sound Engineer
Piper Payne – Mastering Engineer
Marshal Fassino – BAND: Jet Trash
Jared Swanson – Band: Abbot Kinney
Devin Nelson – BAND: The Y Axes



Another Successful Breakfast

Who was there today: (8 Industry people)
Stefan Aronsen – Art Director – DeliRadio – SF Intercom
Andy Freeman – Recordist/Producer – Coast Recorders
Adam Lampert – BAND: Low Country Kingdom
Scott Ricketts – BAND: Low Country Kingdom
Martina Hallberg – Swedish BAND: Fall of Adam
Marshall Fassino – Sound Engineer
Spencer Roberts – Sound Engineer
+ 1 music fans

What we established:

We will continue to meet every week.
• Hopefully we get too big for Jim’s Restaurant
We want to make SF a music industry hub?
Even if we don’t like EDM we need to learn from their ability to captivate fans.
• EDM is great at drawing large numbers of fans, marketing, promoting, & making money
Our goal is to know the best industry people in SF and recommend them regularly.
• Is there an app for this? Should there be?
Discover the best way to leverage technology for CD releases.
• How can you leverage social media to give it away for free?
• Does this technology already exist?
• What would make a bands CD release interesting enough for a technology blog?
Is there a need in SF for tastemakers? Could we be those tastemakers?
• Do we want to break a band? Do we want to host shows?
I have 3 music sites. Perhaps we can all start our taste-making from the third:
• – (let me know if you want to be a blogger, I’ll make it so!!!)
And MORE!!!



The goal is to meet every Thursday morning for breakfast and talk about actions that will help the bay area scene become a place where musicians & industry professionals can make money doing what they love. (Music)

Who was there: (9 Industry people)
Stefan Aronsen – Art Director – DeliRadio – SF Intercom
Andy Freeman – Recordist/Mixer/Producer
Adam Lampert – BAND: Low Country Kingdom
Martina Hallberg – BAND: Fall of Adam
Piper Payne – Michael Romanowski Mastering
Devin Nelson – BAND: The Y Axes
Helene Goupil – Videographer – Mission Local
+ 2 music fans


Interview with Raj of: GUITAR TONE TALK

For many musician’s deciding which guitar to buy can be the first decision in deciding what kind of music you want to play. Too much twang in your guitar and it might ruin your dreams of becoming a punk rock prodigy.

When I was a Senior in High School I attempted to learn the Guitar. (I had already failed at learning drums, clarinet & singing.) I always thought it was my calling to be the guy that always pulls out his guitar at camp fires, on the beach, at tail gate parties. (Also… he’s the one that gets the ladies… right?) After one year of lessons I realized I sucked at playing the guitar.


Touring Advice Journal

What I’ve learned while on tour.

1. It is impossible to avoid Fast-food, be smart.

2. You’re going to eat a lot of Fast-food, practice variety. (I like Ian’s advice… STAY AWAY FROM FAST-FOOD… Try and eat Subway or something) (Isn’t that fast food?)

3. Find popular hangout before your show… invite those people to come!!!
(It will increase the cool kid count)

Picture 62


Video and Interview by: Stefan – SF Intercom

When you’re on tour you suddenly realize how much you value sleeping in a bed, eating food at home… and having the ability to take a shower every day if you so choose. I quickly discovered the pleasures of a baby wipe shower, a gas station sink for brushing my teeth and variety within a fast food menu.


With no further delay … all the way from Olympia Washington, I present: Glass Elevator.

Does your band get together and plan?
There’s really only one plan: to make music. As simple as that is, this is easy to forget. But life to us seems best to take it as it comes, and we make plans and change plans all along the way. With an album and our first West Coast tour on the horizon, we see the fruition of plans hatched yesterday and continue to make new plans for tomorrow.